About us
Dainte' Inc. Specializes in manufacturing crystal miniatures of famous landmarks and architectural masterpieces around the globe. These exhilarating replicas are designed by our talented artists with authenticity & quality. Since its inception Dainte' Inc. has been proud to be recognized worldwide as the leader of these crystal replicas & cannot be found elsewhere.
Custom orders
We create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece model made for businesses, institutes or organizations as a recognition award to demonstrate your appreciation for people giving contributions to your organization.
Production Process and Time :
To produce the architectural miniature, we use photographs, drawings or architectural elevations of the actual building....
Scale Models
Dainte' Inc. is dedicated to the manufacturing of a unique line of Crystal Sculptures and figurines. Especially Crystal Buildings with the option to add 24kt gold plating.
These fine replicas focus on authenticity, detail, and quality; characteristics that every collector values.
We are always....