Award ceremonies are only as special as the trophies granted. Special occasions generate extra-special memories. Whether it’s a corporate award/trophy, or a simple school sporting achievement award, the sentimental value combined with an elegant crystal award will ensure that it signifies the occasion and its honor lives a lifetime.

Following are a couple of custom projects from the past

New York Skyline

New York City Skyline

Manhattan skyview 60 inches wide

Manhattan skyview 60 inches wide

This picturesque scene of the New York skyline includes the following 15 major New York landmarks

1.   Empire State Building

2.   The World Trade Center

3.   Chrysler Building

4.   Citigroup Center

5.   GE Building

6.   Woolworth Building

7.   Bank of America Tower

8.   One World Wide Plaza

9.   4 Times Square also called Condé Nast Building

10. The New York Times Building

11. AIG Building

12. AXA Equitable Center

13. Carnegie Hall Tower

14. Trump Tower

15. The Brooklyn Bridge

We also added the Freedom Tower

It’s an exceptional massive piece in size, 60” Wide x 27” Tall

This particular model is available to the public. It’s an out of the ordinary piece, attracting visitors all around the world.

Arkay Press

Arkay Press

Arkay packaging, which is a family owned business, was looking for an out of the ordinary idea to surprise present its Senior Founder, there father. A simple crystal award was not going to do enough to surprise him. We needed to create a real original masterpiece for the presenters. After much thought, we settled on the idea of producing a mini crystal replica of the first, original ARKAY PRESS.

The feedback we got on this particular project was boundless. Their father was moved to tears with the originality of the idea, coupled with the precise quality workmanship

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With present technology, many shapes and forms are possible in crystal. Complicated designs such as sporting objects and figurines, and nearly anything else is possible. To create imagery and matte effects on the surface, techniques such as paint, sandblasting and even laser engraving can be made use of. The professional display of almost any logo, special inscription, or graphics can be applied to give you a high quality attractive product.