Dainte’ Inc. is also very famous in manufacturing a unique line of large crystal sculptures & figurines. With precise craftsmanship, our designers create pieces of exceptional quality while focusing on authenticity and detail. It is the result of the extreme attention given to details, proportioned sizing’s, finishings, and to the sculpture of each creation.

Custom crystal figurines & sculptures are very popular as gift giving for your organization board members, school staff, institution sponsors, corporate meeting attendees and wedding anniversary gift giving!

Platinum Crystal Collection

Branch Painting


Branch Stool


Center Table




Coffee Table



Corner Table


Crystal with Wood




Enchanted Forest


End Table


End Table


Home Accents





Low Back Chair


Natural Crystal


Plum Blossom


Priestess Head




Round Stool


Round Table




Square Stool


Tai Chi


Taihu Stone


The Vast Land


Venus Head